Notes for membership card

1. Membership cards are only used by members themselves, and please show their ID cards and other documents. Non-members can only enjoy the discount price without accumulating points.

2. When staying in a hotel, the valid certificates held by members must be in accordance with the certificates used for the registration of members, otherwise the system can not automatically accumulate points.

3. In addition to the rooms where the members live, the fellow guests can also enjoy a discount of 2 rooms, that is, a membership card can offer three rooms at the same time.

4. Apart from room charges, other consumption (such as small commodities, room bar, laundry, etc.) in hotels are not included in the membership points.

5. The Mercure Hotel Group is not responsible for the incorrect arrival of the gift due to the incorrect customer information such as the mailing address provided by the guest.

6. Storage cards should not be cashed or offset against accounts receivable under any circumstances.

7. Wedding banquets, meetings, travel agencies, team consumption do not enjoy discounts or points.

8. Mega Hotels Group has the right to adjust and improve the terms of its membership brochure without further notice, whichever is published on the company's official website.