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Of join MEHOOD hotel group

Basic information to join

Investment Return of Joining Mehood

wnership funds of self-owned property

Owned funds have investment needs

Existing hotels/properties are eligible for upgrading

qualified Investors

Annual return on investment is 20%~30%.

Return time of investment is 3-5 years, franchise stores can manage their financial affairs independently.

The Conditions for Investment Joining

Absolutely accept the management system of Mehood Hotel and implement the standards of Mehood Management

Rational Mindset on Investment Risk and Return

cities choose

Municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and economically developed cities with a population of more than one million

hotel to join

How do we cooperate?

Trusteeship Management of Brand Franchise

Trusteeship Management in Operating Hotels

Joint stock ownership

Mehood collgue

Mehood Huangpu Military Academy  Talent Incubation Base

China's largest talent training center for private hotel companies  Covering an area of 50 mu Teaching space of 37,000 square meters school buildings

Systematic batch training and store-opening echelon  Enhancing the Store Manager's Ability to Create Performance in an All-round Way

Mehood Capital contribution

5 million

Supply Chain Financing

Lease 5 million yuan

Mehood Helps Creditor's Rights

Financing 10 million yuan

Owner's Investment

10 million

Construction Integration  System Guarantee

Construction Integration  System Guarantee

Selected Design Team

Familiar with product and process standards

B2B system

More convenient, more comprehensive and better quality

Integration of design, construction and procurement

More professional, more effective and more mature

Investment franchise fee

Basic Requirements for Property Facilities

location choosing

Located in the city business center, or in the vicinity of the second-class prosperous area of the city, near the Convention and Exhibition center, large-scale commercial center, crowded area, good traffic mobility, good visibility and accessibility, convenient public transport.

Property conditions

Building area requirement: 6000-15000m

Room Number Requirements: 6000-15000m

Guest room area: net area not less than 25 m (proportion less than 24 m not more than 15%)

Kitchen: No less than 100m

Bar and Tea Restaurant: No less than 200 m

Parking space: not less than 25% of rooms

Cloth and Strength Stores: Each Floor

Clear property rights, conform to transformation conditions, conform to relevant laws and regulations of national fire protection, etc.

Lobby conditionsNo less than 150 m on the first floor or on the same floor as the tea restaurant

Elevator trafficIndependent hotel room elevator and cargo elevator

Supporting facilitiesEquipped with cloth house, staff kitchen, dining room, office & other logistical facilities

Property qualifications

The structure of the building is best framed, with a neat appearance, allowing for alteration.

There is room for manoeuvre and a certain number of parking spaces around the project.

Water use quota not less than 3600 tons/month and electricity consumption not less than 500 KVA

Gas pipeline access, sewage into the municipal sewage network, septic tank

Cable TV, heating (northern region) and other facilities in place

With telecommunications, Unicom and other signal access, fire acceptance qualified

The property right of the project property is clear, the property nature is commercial (or changeable), and the right of use is more than 10 years.