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Become a world-class hotel company
Always create value-added services for customers

Basic values

Respect Care Gratitude Encouragement Inspiration

Core values


Be loyal to your choice
Don''t speak ill of the company outside
Don''t destroy the enterprise
Put forward more suggestions to improve the enterprise


Pursuing results
Facing reality
Taking responsibility
Daring to make decisions


Start well, finish well, pursue details.

Finish today''s work

Do it as planned without delay


Career should have a dream, work (life) should have a goal
often reflect to be a person, do things often summarized
daily reflection, everything summarized, a book every month


We often say "Thank you" to help others
say "OK, no problem" to other people''s requestsexpress our views frankly,
listen to others''views patiently cooperation is obedient to the requests of superiors.


Share your abilities and feelings openly with others to stimulate association
Be happy in the face of others''achievements and encourage others to stimulate themselves

he Group Idea We Implement in Our Work

In our daily work

In dealing with colleagues

In receiving customers

We always carry out these ideas

So that the image of the group is more full

So that employees have more faith

mehood style

Quick response, immediate action

mehood Programme of action

Pursuing Excellence & Creating First Class

MEHOOD Core Competence

Mehood Spirit & Pro. Skills

mehood productivity

Performance Leadership Excellent Service

mehooder’s Trait

Passionate and courteous

mehooder’s belief

Ordinary people do great things

“MEHOOD - a hotel with dignity for all guests”

Mehood, from "Beautiful China, proud people", is determined to be a hotel with real dignity for all guests.
Mehood Hotel is committed to creating comfortable, tasteful and newly enjoyed value-added check-in experience for customers.
The service concept of "sincerity and friendliness" should be passed on to every store so that every customer can feel it wholeheartedly.
Mehood Hotel covers more than ten large and medium-sized cities in China and meets customers'' personalized needs ranging from business travel to leisure vacation.

Become a world-class hotel company, always create value-added services for customers

With the continuous development and growth of China, more and more Chinese people go out to travel and develop, which creates endless opportunities for Meihao to go out and serve the people and the world. The strength of a nation will surely create countless excellent national and world brands. Faced with the future, Meihao also has such opportunities. I firmly believe that the vision of Meihao Hotel to become a world-class hotel company will be realized.”

The Chairman of Shanghai MEHOOD Hotel Management Co., LTDZhao-Qing Gong