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About mehood brand’

I felt apathetic treatment in a foreign hotel in 2000.
Vow to make a hotel that allows all Chinese people to feel dignigied and warm.

Written by Brand Founder of Mehood Hotel

Mehood Hotel GroupMehood Hotel Group

As a fast-growing cross-regional hotel chain management company in China,Shanghai Mehood Hotel Management Co., ltd. is a rapidly developing cross-regional group hotel chain management company in China, which owns 4 exquisite business hotel chain brands, such as Lestie Hotel, Mehood Elegant Hotel , Merlihod and Mehood.
Over the past 20 years,Mehood has gathered professional research and development advantages and accumulated experience.

With its unique product model and management,it has created unique Chinese-style humanized hotel services and won strong core competitiveness.

It has more than 170 direct and franchised management stores in its operations and to be openedcovering 32 provinces such as Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Ningqing and so on.

hotel brands

 Chinese City Resort Hotel Chain

Liz Hotel is a City resort hotel built by Mehood Hotel Group for high-end businessmen through seven years of research and development, intensive cultivation, decoration style of grey bricks, cement walls and logs, random furnishings of hanging basket, sofa and birdcage beds, floor-to-door gardens, high-quality cinema rooms, so that you can enjoy a share in a quiet and elegant atmosphere after tense and high-tempo work. Leisure and Freedom - Let Business Life Be Full of Quality and Pleasure of Life.

Heart-nourishing Life Club

Mehood Elegant Hotel Heart-nourishing Life Club Creating a Noble and Heart-nourishing Life Space Heart-nourishing and body-nourishing - Sleeping soundly with the stars, Pursuing a high-quality heart-nourishing life Central Scenic Area - surrounded by beautiful scenery, people and nature meet in harmony Natural Oxygen Bar - Bathing in the morning and evening smoke, Poetry in the distance is within reach Soup Physiotherapy - Point a pot of tea with a fragrance, and forget the rush and fatigue Garden Pavilion - Chinese style decoration, classical and elegant, courtyard leisure space

Luxury Stations in Cities

Providing elite business travelers with high-quality new ways of hotel life Healthy and comfortable - fit human body mechanics imported mattress, high density silk satin City living room - elegant and comfortable environment, enjoying communication time in quiet Core Area - Convenient Transportation, Located in the Core Area of the City Executive Floor - Personalized, Business Office Services

  Bar and Theatre Hotel

Mehood Hotel devotes itself to creating a perfect combination of bar culture, 3D cinema and hotel, innovating new product modes such as intelligent fashion, simple original ecological decoration, exotic full-time tea bar, five-star core facilities, self-service laundry, 3D cinema room, personalized housekeeping service, etc., to bring comfortable and value-added living experience to business and travel customers, in the quiet and elegant circle. In the circumstance, we can get the release of our soul and the warm feeling of our home.


FounderMEHOOD Brand Founder

Zhao-Qing Gong

He is MBA, the founder of disruptive management and explosive marketing of China hotel industry, the member of professional managers in China hotel industry, chairman of Mehood Hotel Group.
Since its establishment, Mr Gong Zhaoqing has traveled around the cities of developed tourism in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and China and researched more than 700 domestic and foreign brand hotel. He aims to provide family-like service and build business hotel of fmid-range market. Mehood was founded in Shanghai in 2009 and won customer trust and popularity, continuous and stable profitability leading industry.
In his management practice, Mr. Gong zhaoqing has created a humanistic and competitive meihao culture, established meihao business college, taught courses such as innovative hotel management mode by his tutor, and built an elite team of more than 2000.

Mehood Distribution

Mehood has entered the market of   Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou, China

About 19  provincial capitals and 42  important cities

Own  172  hotels

Mehood will have its hotel in all provincial capital in the future 5 years

Have its  hotels in  100 cities

And expand  10 countries   about  50  excellent hotels

Covered area:

Nanjing Wuxi Changzhou Jingjiang Nantong Suzhou Changshu Shenyang Huangshan Shanghai Jiashan Hangzhou Ningbo Xiamen Guangzhou Shenzhen Dalian Yinchuan Taiyuan Ankang Linyi Xi'an Xining Jinan Luoyang Tianjin Weifang Chengdu Minzhong Zhengzhou Qingdao Jincheng Yan'an Danyang Ge'ermu Ha'erbin

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